Assisted Opening

Welcome to our fantastic selection of knives with assisted opening. Not only are the many knives here incredibly fun and easy to use, they are also uniquely attractive. Each knife has its own personality, and with all the great options here to choose from you are certain to find the perfect blade for your collection. Shop incredibly intricate options like Celestial Dragon, the Gorgon Medusa, Blue Skull and so many more. Take your time browsing all the different brands that we offer, including Dark Side Blades, Masters Collection, Wartech USA and many more. The brands here are deliberately chosen for top quality, durability and unique designs that will last, no matter how hard you use the blade. Try an assisted-open blade today and experience the difference.

When you shop for assisted-open knives with us you are bound to find the perfect knife to meet your needs. Not only do we offer gorgeous single-blade knives that are a fantastic addition to any collection, we also offer double-bladed knives like the Wartech double hawkbill folding karambit and the Dark Side Blades dual blade knife. There is no end to how much you will appreciate having one of these knives around, so take your time finding the right blade to meet you needs. Be sure to browse all of the options available here at, where you can find a bowie knife or even a tactical balisong knife to add to your armory. We are excited to offer quality knives at a great price.